Family Law Representation, Mediation, Consulting, and Collaborative Divorce

Attorney and mediator Lisa J. Auer understands the sensitive and emotional nature of divorce and other family law matters and cares about the impact family law determinations will have on your future. Lisa believes that whenever possible family law matters such as divorce, custody, child support, paternity, and spousal support are best resolved by agreement outside of court. Lisa represents clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a limited scope, consulting, or collaborative attorney, or works with both parties as a neutral mediator. If court intervention becomes necessary, Lisa will help transition your case to an experienced family law litigator. Lisa also represents clients to draft and negotiate prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Lisa strives to achieve results quickly, efficiently and effectively. She will make sure she understands your concerns and goals and will answer your questions about the substantive issues, the process, possible outcomes and consequences so that you can make informed decisions.

Creative Solutions and Personal Attention

Lisa counsels and represents a diverse client base and brings her considerable skill, education, experience, and full personal attention to bear on every case from the seemingly simple to the most complex. Lisa received her law degree from the University of California Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) and her undergraduate degree cum laude from Yale. Lisa has chosen to focus exclusively on family law since beginning her legal career. She has significant experience with sophisticated financial issues such as valuation of businesses and professional practices; division of stock options, limited partnerships and private equity interests; and high-earner child and spousal or partner support. Lisa knows that every family law situation is unique, and she works to find a solution tailored to each client's individual circumstances.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Lisa favors an interdisciplinary approach that allows you to work with the professional most suited to a particular issue and find creative resolutions in the most cost-effective manner possible. She is well-connected with a diverse group of experts, including custody mediators, co-parenting counselors, vocational evaluators; and financial experts such as certified divorce planners, divorce mortgage specialists, forensic accountants, tax experts, business valuation experts and others.

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