Family Law Overview

Lisa J. Auer can help you resolve a range of family law matters through negotiated settlement, mediation, collaborative practice, or litigation when necessary, including the following:

  • Divorce/Dissolution: Divorce (or "dissolution of marriage") includes division of property and debts, custody and support issues, and post-judgment modifications. Lisa will make sure she understand your goals and concerns and will help you resolve your case as efficiently as possible.

  • Domestic Partnership Dissolution : Registered domestic partners in California now have almost all the rights, benefits, and obligations as married spouses or former spouses. Lisa represent clients in domestic partnership dissolution proceedings, including division of property and debts, custody and support issues, and post-judgment modifications.

  • Spousal Support: Temporary spousal or partner support (while the divorce is pending) is often determined by a guideline formula, while the amount and length of post-judgment spousal or partner support is a more complex and multi-factored determination. Lisa assists clients with all aspects of spousal or partner support.

  • Child Support: Child support in California is determined primarily by use of a statewide uniform guideline, although parents may agree to a different amount of support that meets the needs of the child or children. The biggest factors for calculating guideline child support are each parent's income and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent. Lisa is experienced with all types of child support cases, including complex cases involving high-income earners or self-employed business people and post-judgment modifications.

  • Child Custody: There are two types of custody: legal and physical. Whenever possible, Lisa helps parents resolve custody issues outside of court through negotiation or mediation and by developing a parenting plan that meets the family's needs, provides stability, and addresses potential areas of conflict.

  • Paternity/Parentage: A paternity or parentage case is an action to either establish or disprove a parent-child relationship. Parentage actions are usually brought between parties who are not married or registered domestic partners. A parentage judgment establishes rights to custody and visitation, child support, and other rights and obligations stemming from the parent-child relationship.

  • Premarital and Postmarital Agreements: A premarital or postmarital agreement is a contract that specifies how a couple will treat their assets and income during marriage, in the event of divorce, or upon one spouse's death. A written agreement allows a couple to decide these things differently than what is provided by California law. It can also provide certainty and avoid prolonged litigation in the future if the marriage ends in divorce. Lisa can draft or review a premarital or postmarital agreement to make sure it meets your goals.

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