Child Support Lawyer

Lisa J. Auer, founder of Auer Family Law in San Francisco handles all aspects of child support, including complex cases involving parents who are high earners or self-employed business people in the Bay Area. She also handles post-judgment support modification proceedings.

Lisa understands that support decisions are key to your future financial security — whether you are a support payor or payee. In California there are multiple factors that must be considered.

In complex cases, diligent and creative advocacy is needed to determine income available for support and to argue for exceptions to guideline support calculations. Lisa will work with a forensic accountant or tax consultant, when necessary. If one party is unemployed or underemployed, Lisa will work with a vocational expert to determine that party's potential earning capacity in order to impute income for support purposes where appropriate.

Child Support in California

Both parents have an equal responsibility to support their minor children (and adult disabled children) to the best of their ability. Child support in California is determined primarily by use of a statewide uniform child support guideline. The main factors in the child support guideline calculation are each parent's income and the percentage of time the child or children spend with each parent. There are also a number of other factors that contribute to the guideline calculation. Parents can agree to child support that is different from the guideline amount.

While under California law the guideline amount is presumptively correct, in some cases a deviation from guideline support may be necessary to avoid an unjust or inappropriate result. For example, when one parent has an extraordinarily high income, the guideline calculation may result in a child support amount that exceeds the needs of the children. In other cases, special circumstances may justify an upward deviation from the guideline amount. It may be necessary to impute income to a parent who is not employed to the best of his or her ability.

Lisa can help you make sure the child support guideline calculations are correct and advise you regarding when exceptions to the guideline amount may be appropriate.

Post-Judgment Support Modifications

Changes in either party's financial circumstances may make a post-judgment support modification proceeding necessary. Child support modification is always an option if there has been a significant change in either parent's income or timeshare with the children, or if the current support amount is below guideline even when based on agreement of the parties.

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