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Putting Your Child’s Needs First

If you have a minor child or children and are separating from the other parent, you will need to make decisions regarding child custody and child support. Unmarried parents may also have to determine paternity or legal parentage. Because these issues involving children are so important, having an experienced family law attorney at your side can be highly beneficial for facilitating sound negotiations between parents.

San Francisco lawyer Lisa J. Auer understands that planning your child’s future during a divorce or separation can be difficult, and she is prepared to help you come to an agreement with your co-parent. Having handled a variety of family law cases across the Bay Area, she is experienced in tackling many parenting issues and is committed to helping you do what is best for your children.

Modifying Existing Court Orders

We at Auer Family Law know that circumstances may change in any family. Children’s needs change over time. Maybe there has been a significant drop in your or your co-parent’s income, making it necessary to reassign financial responsibilities. Perhaps one parent has to move, requiring a change in custody orders. If your existing court orders are no longer compatible with your family’s circumstances, we can help you determine your next steps.

Have Lisa J. Auer Look Over Your Case

No matter what your parenting situation is, we at Auer Family Law can help you reach the best possible solution for your children. Schedule a consultation with Lisa J. Auer by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 415-766-0122.