Five Tips To Help Your Child Through Divorce
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Honoring “The Best Interests Of The Child” During Divorce

The vulnerable victims of grownups’ bad behavior at a marriage’s end are the children of that relationship. The higher the spouses’ bitterness escalates, the greater the chances for lasting negative emotional impact on the child.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to preserve your sanity, and those of your offspring, as your marriage ends. In the Bay Area and Northern California, the experienced family lawyer who values “the best interests of the child” is Lisa J. Auer, founder of Auer Family Law in San Francisco.

Lisa has the years of experience as an attorney and family member, deep knowledge of family law statutes and innovative ways of dispute resolution that can benefit you and your children at a trying time. Her practice is marked by candor, creativity and compassion for your situation.

Careful Guidance For Child Access And Support Issues In San Francisco

Here are just a few methods, tools and strategies that could buoy your child’s spirits during your divorce:

  • Stable, consistent routines for interactions with both parents
  • Solid support systems that could include teachers, coaches and clergy
  • Honest but appropriate answers to a child’s questions about divorce
  • Guidance from a mental health professional, if needed
  • Strong sibling relationships

The thinking behind these proactive, preventative measures is reflected in the firm’s high-quality services for child custody and visitation clients. Ms. Auer provides customized assessments based on your unique situation, not as a cookie-cutter approach. She combines leadership with one-on-one personal service and maximum availability for your questions and concerns.

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Experienced California family lawyer Lisa J. Auer works hard to help you and your child  or children to move forward with your lives – confidently and optimistically – after a contentious divorce. Let’s get to know each other and chart a course of action during your initial consultation. Email us to schedule that important first meeting or call 415-766-0122.